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Prison Fellowship Canada is a faith-based charity with regional officers across the country. Dedicated to restorative justice, Prison Fellowship Canada provides ministry service and essential bridgecare to assist former prisoners re-enter their community in a positive, healing manner. They also focus on spiritual mentorship of prisoners in correctional facilities across Canada, and in creating restorative connections between incarcerated parents and their children.

The challenge

As Prison Fellowship Canada's operations expanded, so did their need for a unified fundraising program that would allow them to take control of their data. But they faced a number of challenges making the jump.

  • Their previous system was a patchwork of different software solutions and databases.
  • Separate data silos made it near-impossible to functionally share data with different regions and the national team.
  • Their marketing platform was insufficient for their needs.

Quite simply they needed a change.

The Solutions

Donor Engine was that change. With Donor Engine's powerful tools, Prison Fellowship Canada was able to:

  • Consolidate all of their separate data silos into one system.
  • Clean up duplicate and redundant entriess.
  • Create detailed, informative reports to help guide future efforts.
  • Install a multilevel permission and access control system to customize their user experience, with regional staff able to concentrate on the information most relevant to them, while providing the national office with a big picture view to coordinate their efforts.

The Result

The result has been transformative. With each office running the same platform, piping into the same database, and directed by national team, PFC now has the tools they need to unify their efforts across the nation for more impact than ever before. Improved donor management tools, a far superior workflow, and a focused, data-informed national marketing effort, everything their old system lacked, Donor Engine is able to provide and then some.

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