Fundraising Superheroes Episode 12: Kate West Knows How to Make Your Grant Stand Out

    Kate West has been working in the nonprofit world for over 25 years and over the course of her career has become a true fundraising pro. Now working as a grant writer and consultant Kate wants to help nonprofits build on their fundraising skills so that they can fund the work that they love doing.  When asked what the biggest mistake she sees a lot of nonprofits make, Kate says a lot of small or new nonprofits is that they believe all...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 11: John Paul de Silva On How Nonprofits Can Engage Supporters During the Covid-19 Pandemic

  The Corona Virus has been changing the way people live and work all over the world and has a lot of people working from home. As a nonprofit organization it is hard to carry on when working from home but you can use this time to engage your supporters online. John Paul de Silva joins us this week from Hopeful Inc to share advice on how to use social media to connect with your audience during the pandemic.  He shares that it's important to go beyond just...
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What to Do When A Donor Wants to Cancel Their Monthly Donation

  I was surprised to find out that a lot of organizations don't have a plan put in place for when donors wish to stop their recurring donations. Some people think that if a person wishes to cancel that their mind is already made up, but that isn't always the case. Never view a cancellation as a  failure. It can be used as  a learning opportunity, don’t be afraid to ask questions to figure out why the person has canceled and what can be done better in the...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 10: Vancouver’s ASK Friendship Centre Means the World to its Seniors

  Ask’s Director of Development Miranda Haley always had a passion for caring for the elderly, which makes ASK Friendship Centre the perfect place to work. She has worked at the centre for the last ten years working her way up to Director of Development. The centre opened over 40 years ago, starting off in the basement of a church and quickly grew to the program that is is today. When asked what helps them get donations Miranda said it because they offer a variety...
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Corporate Matching Gift Programs: A $4-7 BILLION Missed Opportunity

    It’s no secret that donor acquisition is time-consuming and expensive for nonprofits of all sizes. But how enticing would it be if your efforts were guaranteed to bring in at least 2X the donor’s original gift? Well, over 18 million individuals work for companies that offer matching gift programs — and yet an estimated $4-7 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed every year! And that’s not to say that these prospective donors aren’t...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 4: How The Toronto People With Aids Foundation Connects With the Community Through Peer to Peer Fundraising

      The Toronto People with Aids is an amazing organization that helps those who are HIV positive live better lives in the Toronto area. We sat down with Micheal Reid, the Manager for Philanthropy and Sponsorship who is a true fundraising wiz.  Most of their donors come for their Friends for Life Bike Rally that uses the peer to peer fundraising model to raise funds for their organization. A lot of the people who participate in the...
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These Online Conferencing Services Will Help Your Nonprofit Work Remotely During COVID-19

    With the recent updates regarding COVID-19 a lot of organizations are choosing to cancel big public events and conferences for good reasons. Some are even deciding to work from home. The virus has been impacting a lot of workplaces and communities and is altering a lot of the ways that people are operating.  If you decided it's best for your team to stay out of the office there are a lot of resources to help you work remotely. With all that is going on...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 9: CAUSE Canada and How They Found Success When Operating in 4 Different Countries

  Wendy Fehr the Executive Director at CAUSE Canada shared how nonprofits should approach helping communities in different countries. Located in Calgary, Alberta they work in rural communities such as Sierra Leone, Honduras and Guatemala to help the communities advocate for or design their own systems to access education or health services.  Working in developing countries, they do face a lot of technical issues like not having internet or power to...
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New Nonprofits: Why you should consider a fiscal sponsorship to help you get started

      If you’re a nonprofit just starting out you may feel a bit overwhelmed. You spent time finding a cause that you are truly passionate about, assembled a team and wrote up an action plan. Now you need financial support, but how can you get that when it seems every grant and sponsor is scared to put their money behind a nonprofit startup? You have to start raising money. But you’re stuck in catch 22, you have just applied for your 501(C)(3) but now...
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