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Say goodbye to data silos and difficult to use applications that make even the simplest tasks time consuming and difficult and say hello to efficiency!

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SAVE TIME AND MONEYHow Donor Engine Helps

Easy to Use Designed from the ground up to be simple and powerful, staff will be able to perform most actions with very little, or no training.

Everything in one App Manage every aspect of your charity in one application... but only pay for what you need. Access all your data in a central location.

360 Degree Donor View Directors no longer need to ask staff for reports on donor data. DE presents all key metrics of your organization on one straightforward dashboard.

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What's under the hood?

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Flexible DashboardsAll your important data in one easy to digest view. See only the data you want, filter out the rest.

Donations and PurchasesAccept regular or recurring donations and make sales via cheque, cash, EFT, credit card and more!

Automation & WorkflowSave hundreds of hours by automatically generating printed and electronic communications via custom rules.

Donor DatabaseQuickly access a 360-degree view of any donor, organization or individual connected to you.

Marketing & CommunicationBuilt in e-mail and regular mail marketing. No more exporting donor preferences to another system.

SecurityDedicated, end-to-end security that keeps your data safe without getting in the way of your staff.

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Who Makes Donor EngineDonor Engine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifeline Design, a trusted custom software development company in business for nearly two decades. So, while you may not have heard of Donor Engine before, we are backed by an established and experienced company who already has a stable structure in place for customer support, ongoing development and longevity.

You can find out more about Lifeline Design here

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