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Flexible DashboardsAll your important datain one easy to digest view. See only the data you want, filter out the rest.

Donations and PurchasesAccept regular or recurring donations and make sales via cheque, cash, EFT, credit card and more!

Automation & WorkflowSave hundreds of hours by automatically generating printed and electronic communications via custom rules.

Donor DatabaseQuickly access a 360-degree view of any donor, organization or individual connected to you.

Marketing & CommunicationBuilt in e-mail and regular mail marketing. No more exporting donor preferences to another system.

SecurityDedicated, end-to-end security that keeps your data safe without getting in the way of your staff.

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The Donor Engine Experience

1. Customizable To Your Needs

Donor management software should adapt to fit your organization, not the other way around. We build Donor Engine to feel like you have a team of software developers on call to tailor the experience to you. At no extra cost.

We switched from another donor software to Donor Engine earlier this year. By far we have been very impressed with the ease of use and the incredible customer support. The Development Team is easily accessible and has gone above and beyond to add items that are specific to our organization. The team have also helped us streamline some of our old procedures and create new ones.Meg

2. Gold Plated Support

Unlimited technical support and training is always included. Reach out to us any time by phone, email or live chat and a live person will work with you until the problem is solved.

Phenomenal. The customer support is next level. The whole team were always on standby to help us to ensure everything we needed was completed.Adele

3. Enterprise Grade Without The Baggage

You shouldn't be forced to choose between ease of use, features, and cost. Donor Engine is an enterprise solution that gives you powerful features, competitive pricing, and won't require full time staff just for setup and maintenance.

The best thing about Donor Engine, for us, is the way that it can interface with other programs ie our website, our gateway for processing credit cards, and websites like PayPal. All of this information is automatically updated in Donor Engine and has saved us, literally, countless hours in manual entry.Heather

4. Flexible Implementation

With most donor management software, if you don't have a big implementation budget it can feel like you've been dropped into a lions den to fend for yourself. Whatever your budget, we have a full service solution for your organization.

The benefits have been multiplaying through the entire process. The entire Donor engine team is remarkable to work with. The ability to create and customize and eliminate any barriers to succeed. Fast and professional communication always. The Donor Engine team is looking out for their clients and constantly improving on every level for the benefit of the greater good. We love working with them.Brian

Why Clients Love Donor Engine

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