Fundraising Superheroes Episode 10: Vancouver’s ASK Friendship Centre Means the World to its Seniors


Ask’s Director of Development Miranda Haley always had a passion for caring for the elderly, which makes ASK Friendship Centre the perfect place to work. She has worked at the centre for the last ten years working her way up to Director of Development. The centre opened over 40 years ago, starting off in the basement of a church and quickly grew to the program that is is today.

When asked what helps them get donations Miranda said it because they offer a variety of different programs and ways to donate at the organization so there is something that appeals to everyone. She explains, "Some people prefer to write a cheque, or donate online. Some people prefer to come to an event and come to something like a silent option and hope to get a deal on something that was auctioned”. 

The ASK Friendship Centre has a strong reputation in their community and are always adapting to their residents needs. To learn more about the centre listen to Miranda’s interview in the 10th episode of Fundraising Superheroes. 
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