What is donor engine?

Are you tired of maintaining many different, unconnected software applications to manage your donor data? Maybe your current database promised an interconnected world where everything would communicate flawlessly, but you quickly realized that was far from reality. Our platform has been built from the ground up to be user-friendly, and a true all-in-one solution that is accessible to charities of all sizes. Donor Engine is fully configurable to your exact needs. Unlike other all-in-one systems, you can tailor it to your charity's specific needs, no need to pay extra for features you will never use!


The dashboard brings all your data into view on one page. Drag and drop widgets that show critical data that is important to you.

Quickly find only the data you need and nothing else.

Donations and Purchases

Easily manage every aspect of your finances, from donations via credit card, cash, or cheque and recurring donations too (both credit card and EFT).

DE automatically tracks donations and purchases separately. Track pledges and allow donors to cover your transaction fees.

Donor Database

A 360 degree view of any donor, organization or individual connected to you. See contact information, donations, purchases, and communications at a glance, or dig in for detailed information.

All backed by an audit log that tracks every single change made by every single user.

Smart Automation and Workflow

Automatically generate letters and emails based on donor behavior. Send emails with the appropriate donor letter and print letters and receipts from one file.

Allow your donors to receive instant receipts via email or printed receipts via mail. Two-way sync of your Donor Engine tasks to your calendar. View donor information right in your email program and automatically attach donor emails and your replies to donor records.

Membership Management

Automatically track one time and recurring membership. Support multiple levels of membership with different costs.

Easily create private discussion / communication between members and provide access to member only benefits to drive member engagement.

Marketing and Communication

Built in email and regular mail marketing. Track donor communication preferences, so that you never send donors information in a format they don’t want.

Generate receipts with a single click.

Track and report on the success of email campaigns and log all regular mail letters automatically on donor profiles.

Automatically track campaign based fundraising seamlessly integrating online campaign donations with offline campaign donations.


From the basic building blocks of our software to the end-user, security is a key concern.

Every step of the way we’ve taken great care to ensure your data stays safe and secure.

Volunteer Management

Recruit, communicate and schedule shifts for your volunteers quickly and efficiently through Donor Engine.

View and report on volunteer activity along with donations and any other data relevant to your volunteers all in one place.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Run participant fundraising driven events such as fun runs or walkathons driven by a powerful web-based interface that allows participants to boost donations through social channels and email, all integrated seamlessly with your donor database.

Easy to use

Built from the ground up with a focus on a streamlined, efficient and easy experience for our users.

Everyone promises their software is easy to use, we actually deliver.

Events and Ticketing

End to end ticketing management integrated directly with your donor database. Seamlessly sell tickets to galas, golf tournaments and more all while automatically attaching attendance history to constituent records. Broadcast to attendees via email or SMS, and much more!

Website Platform

DE also offers a industry leading website platform that is just as powerful and easy to use as Donor Engine, but if you already have a website you’re happy with, Donor Engine works with any website without issue!