A NON-PROFIT'S BILL OF RIGHTSThere are several key principles that Donor Engine was founded on. Essentially it is the standard that we strive to for every interaction with our customers. Think of it as our vision statement: The Non-Profit’s Bill of Rights

1. Alignment of Interest

To have a truly successful vendor-client relationship, alignment of interest is required, otherwise the vendor and client are working at cross purposes.

The structure of the business relationship should create scenarios where the outcome that is good for the client is also good for the vendor. So what does alignment of interest look like in the real world?

Here is a real-world example:

At Donor Engine, we don’t charge anything extra for unlimited training, it’s already included in the fee structure. This creates a scenario where it is in our interest to make sure our software is as easy to use as possible, to limit the amount of training time clients require. This is also what the client wants (to limit the amount of training time) as the less time they spend training, the more time they spend achieving their mission.

On the other hand, if a vendor was billing for each out of training required by the client, this would create a scenario where the interests were not aligned, as it is good for the vendor to have more training time used, which would translate into more profit, where as the client still wants to have as little training time as possible.

2. Ease of Use

Let’s face it, every piece of software that has ever been sold in the history of computing has always been touted as "easy to use”, it’s a phrase that is thrown around so much it’s almost become meaningless.

In reality, most software applications are not easy to use, which creates a huge administrative burden when it comes to getting staff up to speed and can also get in the way of efficiency.

Many organizations don’t prioritize usability, but it’s actually the hidden siphon of productivity and revenue. Forrester research found that for every dollar spent on the user experience, you could expect to see a $100 return. That’s a return of over 9900%

So what does that all mean for Donor Engine? It means that from the ground up, we start with crafting the user experience, and ensuring that our software is intuitive and easy to use and learn. It means "easy-to-use” isn’t a throw away marketing slogan, but a mantra over which battles are fought and won every day of development.

But hey don’t take our word for it, take a look at Donor Engine, and we think you’ll agree that easy-to-use actually means something around here.


3. Access to your Data

At Donor Engine we believe our service should be our contract with you, not the hand-cuffs we’ve put around your data. Our client’s data belongs to them and is accessible to them from day one.

This means rather than paying lip-service to open access to your data and hiding it in a complex and difficult to work with database, your data it’s always available to you in a straightforward format.

It means that your recurring credit cards are securely stored with a trusted third-party vendor account that belongs to you, not us, so that if you do decide we’re not the right fit, you aren’t forced to call all your monthly givers and ask them to give you their credit card again.

4. Modern and Current

You are often dependent on your software vendor when it comes to taking advantage of the latest technology available.

Donor Engine is constantly updated and improved so it’s never out of date or unable to make use of the latest and greatest.


5. Partnership not exploitation

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely come to dread buying new software, the sales team has all the right answers to your questions, but once the software is purchased, the reality does not match the promises, or all of the features you were told about significantly increase the price if you actually want to use them.

At Donor Engine we don’t promise we have features that we don’t have, and if something is an extra cost, we tell you before you’ve committed to our software.

So there are never any unpleasant surprises after you’ve decided to move forward.

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