The world of non-profit databases can be bewildering. There are tons of different options out there and it’s not always clear what the difference is between competing products. That’s why at Donor Engine, we recommend you look for the following things when considering a new non-profit database solution:

What features do you actually need? 

Software salespeople are always eager to show off their product’s big bullet point list of features – the more buzzwords and brand terms the better. What you should be focusing on though is your own list. What set of features does your organization need? What features do you see your organization needing five years from now? 

At Donor Engine, we also have a long list of features, the difference with ours is that they are always built with our clients in mind. Many of our developments and features have been the result of direct discussions with our clients about what they need and what would make their life easier. We always build with practical, concrete applications in mind that will be of immediate help to the organizations using our software, not what would look impressive in a tech demo.

What will the database empower you to do?

A good database should be about more than information tracking, it should empower you to use that data in meaningful ways. For example, your database should allow you to quickly and easily segment your donors based on things like how long they’ve contributed to your organization, how much they’ve contributed, what causes they’ve given to, and so on. You should be able to take that data and channel it towards messaging and retention campaigns, you should have the tools you need to analyze that data  and use it to inform future projects.
A good donor database should be more than a collection of information, but an engine propelling your organization forward!

What does your budget allow?

No matter our goals, we are all limited to what we can afford. A natural part of the software selection process is trying to find the best value for your dollar.

We believe that small organizations deserve great software. That’s why we make Donor Engine available on a sliding scale to match the needs of your organization. If you are a new or growing non-profit, we have you covered with Donor Engine: Basic Edition, free for organizations who have less than 500 donor records and less than $250,000 annual donations.

We’re ready to grow with you!