A non-profit CRM that helps you grow 

In the non-profit world, nothing is more important than the relationships you are able to cultivate with your donors. That’s why it is so important to have a non-profit CRM system that can help you forge those bonds and cultivate those relationships.

Donor Engine is designed to always keep the donor at the forefront of your organization. Our profile system is highly flexible and provides as many points of information as we can about your donors. We have a deep, but easy to use, relationship system for associating donors to their spouses, families, and businesses, so you can have a cohesive image of your donor at a glance.

Powerful automation tools and a robust tagging system power our messaging campaigns. Donors can be flagged with customized tags for easy identification and sorting, and mailing lists and campaigns can be easily constructed with specific filters to speak to the exact audience of donors you need. 

For the hands-on touch, we have staff assignments. Donors can be individually flagged as "managed by:” distinct staff members. This is perfect for making sure the contributions of high-value donors are recognized, for donors who are particularly concerned with a specific cause, and for on-going relationship building. 

And that’s just the start. At Donor Engine, we are always adding new features and ideas (many of which are sourced from feedback directly from our clients) to help you connect with your donors better. It’s the difference between a non-profit CRM that will let you organize your operation, and one that will help drive it towards a bigger and brighter future.