What is Donor Management Software?

At its core, donor management software it is a system for organizing your donor data. Keeping track of profiles, addresses, donations, and other important donor information.


But we think donor management software should be about more than just organizing your donor information. In fact, that should just be the start! A robust donor management system that will provide real value to your organization should allow you to analyze that data, to look at your donor’s behaviour, and identify important trends and patterns you can use to make your efforts more efficient. It should allow you to understand your donors better to be able to message and communicate with them on a more personal level.

Most of all, it should ease the burden of labour on you and your staff. A good donor management software system should be able to automatically detect duplicate files, automate messaging campaigns, and make receipting a breeze. It should take all the tasks that eat up man-hours and energy in your organization and make them faster and easier, so you can spend your efforts on what really matters - your organization's goals.