Implementing Tech Changes? Understanding These 3 User Types Is Key For Change Management

When it comes to the ever-changing realm of technology, the biggest stumbling block to long-term success is often not the technology itself, but rather the likelihood that employees and loyal users will embrace tech updates with open arms. To get your users onboard with any major change to your system, it’s crucial that you first recognize which of 3 categories of consumer behaviour your users fall under. Once you know which type they embody, you’ll be better equipped to cater...
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Want To Step Up Your Email Campaigns? Read This First

  Online giving has grown by 23% over the past year, and a significant slice of that online revenue (28%) was generated through email-based marketing. There is a catch though: stats also show that response rates to email campaigns have shrunk by 9%. So while email campaigns should still demand a strong focus of your fundraising efforts, they now require more sophisticated strategy to produce fundraising results. Fundraising emails can be hard to get right....
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Optimizing your campaign website for maximum results!

    Building a website for your nonprofit campaign is a great way to get your message out there and attract donors. However, designing a website for a nonprofit on a mission is different from building a typical website! It's a task that takes care and clarity if you want to fully realize the potential of your campaign's web presence. With that in mind, we've put together a list of some of the most important elements of a successful nonprofit website. Keep things...
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Millennials might be your nonprofit's future

    We've all heard the clichés about millennials "killing” businesses. Breathless articles scrutinizing the generations spending habits and differing priorities from their parents and grandparents. In headlines spanning nearly the last decade, millennials have been blamed for the death of everything from posh country club golf courses, to the humble table napkin. But, what do they mean for nonprofits? A potentially bright future....
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How email marketing can help turn new donors into long-term stakeholders

    Every new donor you earn is a victory, but it's only the beginning of the battle! Now that you've earned a new donor, you need to keep them, and one of the best ways of turning a fresh donor into a valued long-term donor is through email marketing. Don't let the name throw you off, email marketing doesn't need to be cynical or obnoxious. When done right, it can be a great way to keep your donors engaged, connected, and in the loop. Email marketing should be...
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Improving internal communication for a better nonprofit!

Your nonprofit is growing. Over the past few years you've had to create new roles, new positions, and even new departments to handle all the different facets and ends of your organization. This is a good thing! But it can also lead to some trouble spots when you grow too quickly without keeping everybody on the same page. The problem with maintaining several different departments is also the same thing that makes them useful – specialization. Departments focus on...
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Dealing with difficult donors

  Donors are the lifeblood of any non-profit and should be treated like it. Every donor is valuable and should be duly appreciated and thanked for their contributions, generosity, and partnership. That said, the relationship between donor and organization isn't without its own type of strain or friction. While the vast majority of donors you cultivate will likely be selfless, generous people who just want to do their part to support your cause, there will always be a few...
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Are your volunteers feeling the love?

    The strength of a nonprofit lies in its people. That includes its staff and its volunteers. One of the most pressing (and difficult) tasks of any nonprofit hoping to expand its reach and make a positive impact in the world is to build and energize a body of volunteers. Great volunteers make great organizations. They are your best brand advocates and your foremost recruiting instruments. They can help your nonprofit grow, expand, and take on more ambitious...
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Percentage based billing is just about the worst thing ever.

  In recent years, percentage-based billing has become more and more common for vendors in the non-profit space, particularly to charge for the portions of their service that involve credit card / financial transactions. So instead of charging you a monthly / annual fee, you pay a certain % of each transaction you process using their service.  Now it’s beyond question that this is a fantastic and profitable business model. Let’s look at Visa Inc. who contrary to...
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