Purchased Email Lists Are Not Only Ineffective, They’re Dangerous — Learn Why

    If you’ve been in the nonprofit industry long enough, then you surely know (or at least have a gut feeling) that purchasing your mailing list is a bad idea. If your fundraising campaigns aren’t doing too hot, or you’ve been struggling to grow your list past a certain size, the temptation to buy a "shortcut” to success can get the better of any of us. Did you know that it is now illegal to purchase mailing lists in Canada under the Canadian Anti-Spam...
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4 Major Keys For A Killer Text-To-Donate Campaign

    In a recent blog post, we covered the basics of what goes into a successful text-to-donate campaign and the reasons why it’s such a powerful fundraising method in today’s digital age. Read that post here: The Reasons Why Text-To-Donate Campaigns Are Super Effective In 2019   Today, we dive deeper into four critical things your nonprofit needs to consider before choosing to move forward with a text-to-donate fundraiser. Be mindful of these,...
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The Foolproof Way To Set Up Your Nonprofit’s Instagram For Success

You’re probably no stranger to Instagram, at least from a personal standpoint. You may use it compulsively to keep up with family, see what celebrities are up to, or share funny dog videos with your friends. You know well enough how to publish a new photo, post a comment, and write captions. But maintaining the Instagram account of a professional organization is a different ballgame. There are currently over 500 million daily users on the platform . No matter what the target...
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The Reasons Why Text-To-Donate Campaigns Are Super Effective In 2019

    With mobile giving up by a whopping 205% in 2018 , it’s important that nonprofits large and small seriously consider investing resources into mobile fundraising options for future campaigns. Encouraging donors to "text-to-donate” is an easy, convenient and user-friendly way to get your donors involved! How Does A Text-To-Donate Campaign Work? In a text-to-donate campaign, the nonprofit sets up A) a campaign keyword, and B) a mobile giving page....
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5 Attention-Stealing Subject Lines For Your Nonprofit’s Email Campaign

    Your subject lines have the power to make or break your email campaigns, so they’re not to be taken lightly. Nearly 50% of email recipients open an email based solely off the subject line, so it’s unwise to think that you can get away with a boring subject line just because the actual content of your email is important. With inboxes busier than ever, your subject lines need to command the reader’s attention, invoke their curiosity, make them laugh, or...
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Why These 2 Donor Metrics Matter Most (& How To Calculate Yours)

    In our digital age where a donor’s every action is documented, it’s becoming easier and easier to fall down the rabbit hole of so-called ‘vanity metrics’ when measuring your nonprofit’s success. Social media platforms, websites, CRM systems, and email marketing platforms all offer data for every little thing imaginable. You can track bounce rates, click through rates, social media likes and shares, web traffic sources, page views, post impressions… the list...
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5 Non-Negotiables To Attract Media Coverage As A Small Nonprofit

    When we think of media coverage, we usually picture major publications like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or large corporations like CNN. For a smaller organization, it can definitely feel daunting or even impossible to earn media attention. However, plenty of small to mid-sized nonprofits are able to successfully leverage media coverage to raise awareness for their cause! Let’s look at some of the ways a small nonprofit can harness media to...
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Charity Live Streams: The $75 Million Fundraising Idea Your Nonprofit Will Love

Charity live streams are essentially the younger, cooler, trendier cousin of the charity telethon. And with the market value of streamed content expected to surpass $70 billion by 2020 , there’s clearly money to be made in this exploding online industry — live streaming events for charity have already raised over $75 million so far with no signs of slowing down. Considering the low overhead cost to run a charity live stream, your nonprofit (no matter how large or small) can get in on the...
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How To Pitch Your Nonprofit To The Media Without Freaking Out

    " Make your pitch! ” Does that phrase alone make your skin crawl?  Building and maintaining a positive relationship with the media isn’t necessarily difficult. And it should be an important aspect of every nonprofit’s marketing strategy (no matter how large or small your organization!).However, getting featured in a news outlet or noticed by a journalist does take a certain amount of persistence — especially when you’re first starting out. Ready to get...
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