Fundraising Superheroes Episode 3: The Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the Power of a Great Story

      Founded in 1987 as Stories Incorporated, The Storytelling Arts of Indiana specializes in the wonderful art of oral storytelling. Oral storytelling is so entertaining but it is also an important tool for passing down history and knowledge.  "When younger members of a family know their family stories, they have a much better sense of who they are, and if we don’t pass them down those stories get lost” says Ellen Munds, one of the...
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SWOT Analysis: The Simple Tool That Can Help You Grow Your Nonprofit

      A SWOT analysis is a basic yet highly underrated tool that can help you analyze your organization while also benefiting your strategic plan and marketing campaigns. Standing for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats a SWOT analysis is a tool to help  evaluate the internal and external factors that affect your NPO.  This may seem like obvious information but when done correctly and thoroughly it can be used to your advantage...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 8: CAMH the Largest Mental Health Teaching Hospital Has Some Amazing Donors

  CAMH or the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres in its field. They are a staple in the Toronto community and help over 34,000 patients each year. Their Vice President of Philanthropy Megan Tregunno came on the show to discuss how the conversation surrounding mental health is changing, especially when speaking with their donors. "Donors have helped us to...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 2: Sketch Toronto Is More Than a Studio, it’s a Community

    On this episode of Fundraising Superheroes, we sat down with Executive Director Rudy Ruttimenn. Having been at the organization for over 20 years she is an expert on what makes Sketch important.  Through practicing the arts, Sketch Toronto hopes to help young people find who there are through the creative mediums in which they choose to express themselves.  When describing Sketch Rudy explains "it’s a place where they have these...
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How to Successfully Ask for Donations Face-to-Face

      Asking for donations face to face can be intimidating. The fear of rejection often causes people to turn down the idea before even trying. However it may be time to conquer that fear because if you haven’t tried asking for in-person donations, you are missing out on a great fundraising opportunity.  A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that asking 6 people for donations has the same impact as emailing 200 recipients. People...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 7: N2N's Robin Knickle and the Power of a Handwritten Note

    Finding donor’s is all about creating relationships and no one knows that better than Neighbour to Neighbour’s Robin Knickle. She has been fundraising for over 18 years and always knew she wanted to work in an industry that allowed her to help people. Her passion combined with her friendly personality makes her a true Fundraising Superhero! "What I’m bringing to neighbour to Neighbour as Director of Development is really relationship...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 1: The Townsend Smith Foundation on the Importance of Community

    Everything that the Townsend-Smith Foundation does is for the community. Working out of Milton, ON their dream is to build a hospice to serve the Milton and Halton Hills area and with all the hard work they’ve been doing that dream is coming true.  Their message is one from the heart and their success grows with every connection they make. Janet Townsend, the foundation’s founder explains that "talking to people who have lost a...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 5: BabyGoRound Knows What Goes into a Great Corporate Partnership

    On this episode of Fundraising Superheroes BabyGoRound’s Founder and Vice Chair Niki Cumming and Director of Fundraising Theresa Pearson. BabyGoRound is a NPO located in Vancouver, British Columbia with the mission to provide baby gear for families in need. They offer a one of a kind experience by allowing parents to "shop” for their items with volunteers creating a more intimate experience.  Since opening their doors in 2012,...
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Fundraising Superheroes Episode 6: The Jacksonville Humane Society and How to Secure Large Gifts

    Denise Deisler the CEO of the Jacksonville Humane Society joined us today to talk about one of the most important topics in the nonprofit world: fundraising! The Jacksonville Humane Society is one of the largest no-kill shelters in the USA  and has been operating for 135 years. They are a completely independent organization and Denise shared their amazing story with us on the podcast.  In 2007 their shelter caught fire and burnt...
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