Thank your donors like you mean it

Its true that giving is its own reward, but a little gratitude doesn't hurt! When you're running a charitable organization, you want your donors to know how much you appreciate their contribution to your cause. The best way to do that is with the perfect thank you letter. Share your passion A thank you letter is not the place to play coy. When you're writing on behalf of an organization to a large number of people, it's easy to slip into a very distant and formal voice....
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Creating a real data driven strategy

Big data has changed the way big nonprofits operate. Over the past decade, the power of data analysis has provided forward-thinking nonprofits invaluable insights and direction that has improved every aspect of their operations. From being able to measure the exact success or failure of their initiatives and refining them to be more effective, to being able to customize targeted retention campaigns, big nonprofits with access to powerful CRM solutions have been benefiting tremendously...
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