Devin Stigsell Director of Development of Duluth Playhouse Talks Sponsorships




If you ask Deven Stigsell the Director of Development at Duluth Playhouse in Minnesota what the most important part of a corporate sponsorship is, she'll say the key is to "develop relationships”. In her experience working both in the for-profit and nonprofit world Devin has found that you need to connect with donors and partners

beyond the ask. She explained "it’s not about the dollars it's about the purpose.”

Every business or entrepreneur has a set of core values, so if you want to work together you need to find what those are and connect with them. "Don’t make it about yourself and your goals, make it about your organization connecting with a business that can further your mission but also make a really big impact.” This approach will help your partners feel really good about working with you and help foster that long term relationship.  

When asked which businesses were the best to approach first Devin shared an experience she had with one of her bosses. From that boss she learned when searching for big gifts, approach the people with the biggest pockets and share your vision with them. "The dialogue is how can we partner and make a difference together but the intention was who has the biggest pockets right here and right now."


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