Fundraising Superheroes Episode 21: Why Your Website is So Important To Getting You Noticed Online


Sarah Clarke founded Dufferin Media and has been working with Nonprofits for years. She came on the show to share all of her tips on how to get seen on social media. Creating content and collaborating with other nonprofits is a great way to boost SEO but one thing that Sarah thinks is most important is a great website. 

There is so much value that you can add to your website to get you seen and show up on google's search page. Sarah suggests to always have people directed back to your page. "Your website is the most important part of your digital foundation because it is the one that you own. Your nonprofit organization owns that, you have full control over that. You do not have full control over social media platforms at all. You may have a profile, but it’s actually owned by Facebook” 

Google now requires every website to have an SSL certificate to not only be shown but rank higher. "Having an updated modern design is critical,” Sarah explains. "if they want to achieve all their other goals having these foundations in place will help get them there”.

For more tips on how to improve your online presence listen to our interview with Sarah above.


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