Fundraising Superheroes Episode 26: Donor Engine and How a Donor Management Software Can Drastically Help Your Organization


Today we had Donor Engine’s very own Dave Saraiva on the show! Donor Engine came to life in 2016 after one of Dave’s nonprofit clients asked him to take the jump to make the software. It was always something he was interested in but that was the push needed to bring Donor Engine to life. 

Dave explains that he wanted to create a management software that stood out from the rest. One that was easy to use and helped nonprofits manage all their data in the best way possible. "Our key focus, what we really dive in on and what drives all our decisions is how we make our customers as efficient as possible from the perspective of the software that they’re using.We found that more than anything drives results and drives growth”.

From their clients' experience, the software does help them cut time on management. Dave shares, "We’ve had clients that have come on, adopted Donor Engine and through the efficacy that it brought they saved hundreds of hours over a year and they have been able to translate that into better project outcomes, more funds raised.” 

Always wanting to provide their clients with tools for success, Donor Engine loves to receive feedback and suggestions from their users. Efficiency is the focus of the software and Dave truly believes that it can help organizations boost their productivity. "I always will say it’s not that we’re bringing Donors in the door for you, we’re just giving you back hours and hours of your time”.

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