How to Create An Awesome Blog For Your Nonprofit That Will Get You Seen Online

    Blogs take a lot of work. You have to think of topics and spend hours researching, and on top of that you have to distribute the content! If your organization doesn’t have someone designated to create your blog content it can be difficult to keep up with posts, and you may even find yourself wondering "is a blog really necessary?”. I’m here to tell you that it is! Blogs are a great way to not only give important information to your donors and other...
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How to Use The Different Facebook Fundraising Features

  The Facebook fundraising tool is a fantastic way for people to easily donate to your organization right off of their social media. Not only can you start your own fundraisers, you can register your nonprofit into a database for people to choose from to post on their timelines. With Birthday fundraisers growing in popularity, having your nonprofit easily accessible on Facebook will not only help you raise money but also awareness of your...
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