John Wong on How to Engage Youth for A More Vibrant and Sustainable Future Post COVID

  //   How can we move forward in a post pandemic future? How can organizations strive to do better and engage tomorrow’s leaders in the process?  These are questions John Wong and I discuss in today’s podcast. Understanding how today’s youth sees the future is an important step towards sustainability. It is  important to avoid using young people as a token and strive to genuinely do better by giving them an equal...
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How to Spot Volunteer Burnout and What You can Do to Help

  Volunteers can be essential to the delivery of your programs and services and as a result, can also be a reflection of your organization. As leaders and volunteer coordinators it’s important to ensure that volunteers aren’t experiencing burnout.  It’s not just about retaining volunteer numbers; just like a paid job people work best when they feel energized and appreciated. The most common cause of volunteer burnout is usually linked to how staff...
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Entering the Unknown: How to move Forward Through Covid with Annis Karpenko

  //   This week Annis Karpenko talked about community building and planning coming out of the pandemic. Annis is the Executive Director of Visual Arts Mississauga and has over 20 years experience in the industry. Her organization, like many others, is working their way through the pandemic and adapting by offering online programs and partnerships with other organizations.  We talked about planning when you’re unsure of what's next...
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Clean Up Your Donor Data With These 6 Steps

As a company that specializes in donor management we know how important it is to keep your donor data up to date. As you continue to collect information and add to your database you may find some discrepancies. Emails begin to bounce back, donors addresses or phone numbers may change and you may even struggle with duplicate entries! Keeping up to date with your data hygiene is key when it comes to working efficiently. Having a detailed database can give you a ton of...
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5 Ways to Segment Your Donor Data that Get Results

  As a professional fundraiser, you know how important communication is with your donors. No one likes to feel like another email on a mailing list, each one of your supporters is a part of your organization’s success and should be treated as such.  There is a reason why donor data is so important. A person’s age, behaviour and values have such a huge impact on their decision making and by matching our communication to each different group you are maximizing...
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Turn Organic Website Traffic Into Donations With These 3 Tips

    How many website visits does it take to get a donation? Well according to a study done by Next After, a nonprofit website will get just over 12,000 click-throughs a month and from those visitors 0.64% will make a donation in the same session.  As fundraisers, you already know that a lot goes into soliciting donations. Your website is a great place for people to learn more about your cause and values, but how can you turn these visitors into...
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