Spot The Signs Of Volunteer Burnout — Before It’s Too Late

    Widespread burnout within your nonprofit can creep up on you if you aren’t clued into the signs to look out for. Sure, the daily work could still be getting done, volunteers could keep showing up day after day, and yet under the surface… something is brewing.  Of course, you already know well enough that you need to be showing appreciation for volunteers’ efforts as often as possible. That much is a given, but how else can you spot (and alleviate) the...
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3 Vanity Metrics You Waste Time On (And What To Focus On Instead)

    On paper, it’s easy to see metrics as just a bunch of numbers — but metrics are fundamentally reports on people. Your nonprofit’s donation page getting 10,000 hits last month is a more abstract concept for our minds than realizing a stadium-full of people came across your donation form (neat!). Similarly, it can hurt to consider that 9,385 of those people saw your donor form and chose to walk away without supporting your cause (ouch). Therein lies the...
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Attract High-Quality Email Prospects With These 4 Strategies

    In an ideal world, you would be able to quickly download or buy a list of potential donors who would be ecstatic to support your nonprofit’s mission. After all, you know your target market of passionate supporters has to be out there… somewhere! But if you’ve read our previous article on the dangers of purchasing email lists , then you are well aware that there’s simply no shortcut to success when it comes to list growth. High-quality leads...
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