How To Pitch Your Nonprofit To The Media Without Freaking Out

    " Make your pitch! ” Does that phrase alone make your skin crawl?  Building and maintaining a positive relationship with the media isn’t necessarily difficult. And it should be an important aspect of every nonprofit’s marketing strategy (no matter how large or small your organization!).However, getting featured in a news outlet or noticed by a journalist does take a certain amount of persistence — especially when you’re first starting out. Ready to get...
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Expand Your Donor Base With These 3 Cause Marketing Ideas

"Cause marketing,” or "cause-related marketing,” refers to a partnership between a business and a nonprofit organization. Typically, the arrangement is a mutually beneficial combination that ties a non-profit’s fundraising program into the marketing strategy of a business. Chances are you can think of a few of these partnerships off the top of your head, and it’s not mystery why! The concept has proved lucrative over the years, growing from a $120 million industry in 1990 to...
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Are your suggest gift amounts insulting your donors?

Ahh, the gift array. In the world of nonprofit fundraising, that section of suggested gift amounts assembled into neat little buttons has become a classic part of everybody’s online donation form. Gift arrays have become such a staple that most people don’t question how their use in your donation form helps or hurts your overall revenue — it’s become a case of follow the leader where organizations just assume it’s a good idea because so many other places are doing it. But is...
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5 Benefits Your Nonprofit Gains With An All-In-One Database

  True or false? 1 in 2 nonprofits are unsure about all the ways their organization is collecting data (Nonprofit Hub Survey, 2018). Okay, spoiler alert: the alarming statistic above? Unfortunately true. Nonprofits like these are at a clear disadvantage — if you can’t readily access all your data, your ability to make insightful decisions on behalf of your organization and your donors will suffer. Part of this problem stems from the fact that small- to...
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How Small Nonprofits Turn Big: Learn To Leverage Your Data

Many nonprofits get off to a promising start, but then struggle to make the jump from small to mid-sized, or larger. Why? Is it because they don’t have strong enough support yet? … Not necessarily.  The problem simply lies in a lack of options. It can feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day or room in your budget to keep up with the endless demands of a growing organization. Plus, data management is hard enough, and only gets more confusing when you...
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