4 Powerful Storytelling Angles For Your Nonprofit’s Next Campaign

When you’re at a loss for marketing ideas, the temptation can be very strong to spew out statistics at your potential donors. Hopefully, they’ll be able to grasp the impact their support can have for your cause, right? But human motivation is strongest when emotion is involved, and (needless to say) stats rarely inspire emotion. In order to inspire people to take action, you’ll need to tell a damn good story — but how? By using these 4 incredibly effective storytelling angles...
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How & Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Targeting Generation Z (The Fastest Growing Volunteer Demographic)

    By now, you’ve probably read enough about the millennial generation to publish a mile-long book (or claw your eyes out, maybe). But what do you know of Generation Z, the upcoming cohort of teenagers and young adults who are the fastest growing volunteer demographic? Depending on who you ask, the general consensus for those considered to be Gen Z are born in or after 1998 (for reference, the oldest of this generation will soon be wrapping up college). Before...
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These 6 Strategies Are Proven To Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

Stress levels are at an all-time high, and sadly, the workplace is the leading cause of that stress ( TSheets Survey, 2018 ). In order to increase the well-being of your nonprofit’s team members, they need to feel that they are part of an organization that truly cares about them. When you can foster a positive workplace culture, not only will productivity skyrocket, but your employees’ overall job satisfaction will enjoy a boost as well. 1. Prioritize Onboarding Training &...
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These 6 Ingenious Nonprofit Hashtag Campaigns Will Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

There’s no getting around it — creating a marketing campaign that’s equal parts clever, entertaining, and memorable can be challenging. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration for your nonprofit’s next marketing campaign, take a look at the following social media campaigns that showed just how powerful the use of a single hashtag can be to rally new supporters, bring in donations, and raise awareness for your cause. 1. ALS Association: #IceBucketChallenge The infamous Ice...
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