What could your organization do if they were gifted another hour of time every single day? What if you could regain ten hours a week? A hundred a month? More?

Wishful thinking? Nope! This is exactly the kind of transformational time savings our very first Donor Engine client has achieved!

author By David Saraiva

C4i + Donor Engine

When we set out to build DE in 2016, I was confident our team of experienced software designers would be able to revolutionize the non-profit software space. But, knowing we could do it wasn't enough. A huge undertaking like this requires a partner who is going to work with you every step of the journey. An organization who understands that positive, transformational change is never easy but is always worth it.

Enter Christian's For Israel, Canada, an organization whose primary mission is to serve and lift up the most vulnerable in Israel via humanitarian aid, soup kitchens, meal programs for special needs children, and other vital community services.

We often hear how the charitable sector needs to innovate and change. How too many organizations have been dependent on the same ideas and strategies for too long. The problems have been clear to everyone for a long time, but while it's easy to talk about the need for innovation, it's infinitely more difficult to be the pioneer bringing about that innovation!

If you're in a board or executive director position, I want you to think about the prospect of switching your organizations entire donor and fundraising software to something that is new. Something that is still being built from scratch and will be beta tested by you and your organization's staff.

Has your pulse rate increased a little? Have you started to sweat just a little bit? Innovation has a price - and I'm not just talking about money. You need the leadership and foresight to weight the risks vs. the potential rewards and most importantly, the courage to be willing to jump.

C4i Canada made that leap, and over the last two years it has paid off time and time again.

Ok, ok, I know, "We just care about the numbers Dave. Stop waxing poetical and get to the numbers!"

C4i, Canada will have been running DE for two years next month (August 2018) and 2017 was the first full year C4i ran Donor Engine as their primary fundraising and donor management tool.

Donor Engine

In 2017 (compared to 2016) their annual donations rose over 30%, adding more than $600,000 in additional revenue to put towards their mission and programming in Israel.

If we look at the first 6 months of 2018 (compared to 2017), their donations have risen more than 40% in just the first half of this year compared to last year's already increased numbers, adding nearly $500,000 more in donations over and above the same period in 2017.

If you're keeping track in your head, you'll know that means Quarter 1 and 2 donations in 2018 have nearly doubled (with an over 80% increase) since 2016.

At this point, it'd be easy to claim credit for all this, and this was another company, maybe we would! But, if you’ve met me, or you know me, you'll know that I always do my best to speak plainly and honestly when talking business.

"By our estimates we saved over 800 hours of data entry
and other data related labour in 2017, after moving to
Donor Engine. That's over a month of time! With Donor
Engine, our daily reports are fast, the ability to attach files to
our donor records saves time and overall navigating
the system is quick and easy. We would've likely had to
hire additional staff if we were still on the old system."

Heather Adams
Office Manager, C4i

Past performance is not an indication of future results, and I'm not hiding that under a little asterisk that we hope you don't notice. At the end of the day all Donor Engine did was give C4i the gift of returned time. Freeing them from the shackles of an inefficient system that stole hours and hours of productivity and focus from them, requiring they spend significant time wrestling with their data that could have been better spent focused on their mission.

They did the hard work of repurposing that time into initiatives and programs that furthered their cause, resulting in spectacular growth and ultimately helping significantly more people this year than they did two years ago… and did I mention they did this all without growing their staff size as well?

So, like any good case study should, I'm going to end this off with a call to action.

Isn't this what good technology is supposed to do? Make your life easier so you can focus on the important things? That's what Donor Engine did for C4i, and it can do the same for your organization as well.

The innovation we've all been waiting for in the donation software industry is here. The hard work has been done, the risks have already been taken. All that's left is to ask yourself if you want your organization to experience the same transformation that C4i has enjoyed? Do you want to return hundreds of hours of effort and work to your organization, so you can use them for more important things? Are you tired of wrestling with your data when it should be working for you?

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